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NorSea is a privately owned industrial group established in 1965. Throughout the journey of Norwegian offshore industry, we have provided services tailored to customers' needs – and now we are in the middle of the transition.

The industry is changing

The industry is changing – and we want to play a role in shaping it. With our subsidiaries and partnerships, we are well equipped to offer customized and integrated solutions in highly sophisticated value chains. We want to ensure an efficient and collaborative supply chain through digital innovation – and help shape tomorrow's energy landscape.

And we will do it the only way we know how. With safety, smartness and sustainability in focus. Or as we say in NorSea:

Safer. Smarter. Greener.

A man wearing orange jacket and white helmet are overseeing the lifting of some tubes


NorSea has almost 60 years of history at the core of the Norwegian offshore industry. We are a significant owner of strategic port infrastructure and a complete provider of port services, base and logistics solutions to customers in the oil and gas industry, public enterprises, the aquaculture industry, the wind industry, and other maritime industries.

In recent years, we have also built up an ever-increasing business in renewable industries such as offshore wind, offshore space, etc., and currently operate 9 supply bases and port facilities in Norway, as well as in Denmark, the United Kingdom and Canada.

An aerial photograph of windmills at the Stordbase facility


NorSea Group is a long-term and reliable partner for coastal industries. By being a unified and leading supplier of supply chain solutions, we create value by simplifying customers' logistics operations. We contribute to building communities by facilitating local growth, and put our pride in "getting there first and staying there the longest".

Our ambition is to deliver innovative and complete supply chain solutions tailored to our customers – and at the same time utilize our resources to establish ourselves as an influential player in the value chains that are emerging in the energy sector and maritime industries.

We will develop the next generation of solutions for tomorrow's industries.

A container ship on its way to its destination. Harbors are in the background


Wilh. Wilhelmsen, a global group in the maritime industry founded in 1861, is a majority shareholder in NorSea, with a 99% share (remaining 1% owned by NorSea group management). Wilhelmsen has the world's largest maritime network, with a presence at over 2,200 locations globally. The NorSea Group's digital initiative and solutions are part of Wilhelmsen's digital roadmap and "New Energy" initiative. Together, we challenge the world of shipping and logistics by introducing new ways of working.


Group management

John E. Stangeland

Group CEO
Phone: +47 915 59 446

Lars Haug

Group Deputy CEO
Phone: +47 913 76 769

Alf Dahl

Group CFO
Phone: +47 907 93 536

May Britt Lilletvedt

NorSea Logistics CEO
Phone: +47 979 80 449

Kristin Gjertsen

NorSea Impact CEO
Phone: +47 977 94 948

Øyvind Bjørnevik

NorSea Property CEO
Phone: +47 952 61 472


NorSea operates base operations at several supply bases in Norway and other countries – in addition to a number of associated bases through our ownership in other base operators.


NorSea is an industrial group structured through three main companies and business divisions – NorSea Logistics, Property and Impact – in addition to the group's parent company NorSea Group and the holding company NorSea Industrial Holding. Under these "mothers" are a number of companies that we own alone or in partnership with others. Together, all these companies make up the NorSea group.


We will contribute to a safe and healthy business that we can be proud of and that will serve our customers, owners and society as a whole.

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As an international logistics supplier, and a company with the ambition of simplifying the supply chain, we are committed to taking responsibility.

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The whistleblowing channel provides all NorSea employees and external stakeholders with a secure, confidential location to report violations of laws, human rights grievances, our governing elements and internal policies.

Whistleblowing channel

Governing elements

Our governing elements describe how we will achieve good results, in the right way, through good business ethics and high ethical standards.

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