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We want to drive the industry forward. We strive to enhance basic essentials through simplifying our customers’ as well as our own operations and processes. We simplify.

The Industry is Changing

We want to play a role in shaping it. We are, with our subsidiaries and partnerships, well positioned to offer customized and integrated solutions in highly sophisticated supply chains – ensuring an efficient and collaborative supply chain through digital innovation.

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NorSea is a privately-owned company founded in 1965. The company provides supply bases and integrated logistics solutions to the energy industry. NorSea and its associates and joint ventures operate nine supply bases along the coast of Norway, as well as supply bases in Denmark and the UK. Through the history of the Norwegian oil and gas industry the various operating companies within NorSea have provided services adapted to the requirements of the industry.


Our ambition is to deliver high-tech, innovative and complete supply chain solutions tailored to customer’s needs – and develop next generation logistics solutions for the industries of tomorrow.

A harbor housing containers and storage facilities. A red and white ship is docked

A key objective is to simplify the logistics process, on behalf of our customers. The company offers a broad range of services, delivered via both a physical and digital infrastructure. Transparency and a partnership approach to digital collaboration are central to NorSea’s continued success. NorSea’s digital initiative and solutions are part of our majority owner Wilh. Wilhelmsen’s digital road map. Together, we are challenging the world of shipping and logistics by introducing new ways of working.

A container ship on its way to its destination. Harbors are in the background


Wilh. Wilhelmsen, a global maritime industry group founded in 1861, is the majority shareholder in NorSea, with a 74% shareholding. Wilhelmsen has the biggest maritime network in the world, with a presence in over 2,200 locations globally.

Eidesvik Eiendomsinvest AS and Simon Møkster Eiendom AS hold approximately 12% each, while management in NorSea controls the remaining 2%.


Corporate management

John E. Stangeland

Group CEO
Mobile: +47 915 59 446
E-mail: john.stangeland@norseagroup.com

Lars Haug

Group deputy CEO
Mobile: +47 913 76 769
E-mail: lars.haug@norseagroup.com

Alf Dahl

Group CFO
Mobile: +47 907 93 536
E-mail: alf.dahl@norseagroup.com

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The compliance reporting channel provides all employees and external stakeholders with a secure channel to report violations of laws and our values, Code of Conduct, governing documents and internal policies.

Corporate compliance reporting

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