NorSea Polarbase

Located in Rypefjord with over 500 metres of quay spread over 5 quays and approx. 500,000m² of outdoor area and 40,000m² of indoor area.

An aerial photograph of Polarbase's facilities

About Polarbase

NorSea Polarbase is located in Rypefjord, approx. 4 km from Hammerfest city center. With over 500 metres of quay spread over 5 quays and approx. 500,000m² of outdoor area and 40,000m² of indoor area. It is the most complete base for activities in the Barents Sea. This also includes deep water quay for rig maintenance.

Our infrastructure includes pipe inspection halls, oil spill equipment and bulk tanks. For ships, NorSea Polarbase offers traditional bunkers and liquefied natural gas (LNG). Crane services are provided by Polar Lift in cooperation with Havator.

NorSea Polarbase benefits from the highest concentration of suppliers to the oil and gas industry in the north, with over 40 different suppliers established in and around the base. This is an important step in our position as One-stop shop for the activity in the Barents Sea. We can fulfill most of your needs regarding terminal services, crane services, storage and personal staffing.


Terminal Services

We offer a wide range of port services, including loading and unloading of vessels and cars, internal transport, bulk handling and bunkers deliveries. Pipe handling of casings and tubulars, as well as hire and transport services.


Our expertise in logistics and warehousing services enables us to offer services within commodity, warehousing, control and storage. In cooperation with others, we offer customs clearance.


With Close to 40,000 square meters of building stock, we offer rental of warehouses, offices and outdoor areas. Our focus is on customized solutions.

A man wearing yellow clothing is spraying technical cleaning on a tube part

Technical Cleaning

Equipment often needs to be preserved prior to storage, inspection, or before shipping to other locations. Among the operations are desalination, flushing to remove algae, mollusks and other marine growth, anti-corrosion measures, removal of flaking paintwork, and simple assembly and disassembly.

Preservative coating, NDT inspections and other relevant services are offered for equipment as required, in partnership with specialist contractors. Polarbase has a state of the art cleaning facility.

A worker wearing white helmet safety goggles and yellow jacket are smiling to the camera


Our personnel can offer a wide range of services and expertise. This includes project and logistics coordinators, material management and material coordinators for drilling and operating supplies and storage services. We also assist with expertise in administrative and management tasks.

Two cranes on a winters day in the Polarlift facilities

Crane Services

Crane services at NorSea Polarbase are performed by Polar Lift AS. They have port and mobile cranes, a lift and they undertake assignments regionally. Polar Lift AS is owned 50/50 by NorSea Polarbase AS and Havator AS. Polar Lift AS can offer cranes with a capacity of up to 1,250 tons, as well as special transport equipment.

Quay Data

LengthDepthLoadPoint LoadHeight Euref89Shore power
Quay 1293 m10 m100 t/m270/100 TK + 2,80Yes
Quay 290 m13 m100 t/m270 TK + 2,80Yes
Quay 3 Ro-ro22 m12 m50 t/m2K + 2,90
Quay 495 m13 m100 t/m2100 TK + 2,90
Quay 568 m15 m (20 m, 7 m from quay)70 t/m2150 T

Bulk- / Bunker Products

Quay 1
Quay 2
Quay 3
Quay 4
Quay 5

Total base area

500,000 m2

Outdooor storage

350,000 m2


40,000 m2


1,700 m2


3,000 m2



Quay lengths

500 m