Forms – NorSea Polarbase

Application for Access Card and Driving License

Once the application is approved, Polarbase's courses will be sent to the person concerned by mail, courses must be completed and subsequent tests must be passed before cards can be issued.
Inquiry at our reception for production and delivery of cards.

Admission Card


Driving License


Fill in the form including the email address of the person who will have access and send this by mail to:

Security and courses

På Polarbase har vi en null-filosofi når det kommer til skade på personell, miljø og utstyr. Det er derfor viktig at alt personell som ferdes på området har gjennomført sikkerhetskurs og bærer adgangskort synlig. All personell som ferdes på basen må sette seg inn sikkerhetsinformasjon og varslingsrutiner for basen.

Safety Information


Hot Work and Work Permission

All forms of hot work on the Polarbase site must be reported and approved before work is commenced. With hot work, we mean: Welding, cutting, burning, soldering, using angle grinder or any use of high self-heating tools or developing heat and / or sparks.
Approved / signed form must be present at the workplace during work.

Work Permission


Skjema fylles ut og sendes på mail til: