NorSea Stavanger

In the Stavanger region NorSea can offer supply bases in Dusavik and Tananger. Both bases offer excellent harbour conditions with the main focus on providing offshore support.

Dusavik & Tananger

With local access to more than 60 service companies specialising in drilling, fabrication and workshop activities, subsea and heavy duty mooring equipment, the supply bases in Dusavik and Tananger offer a complete service centre.


Total base area

700,000 m2

Outdooor storage

215,000 m2


57,000 m2


25,000 m2


77,000 m2



Quay lengths

1,100 m

Terminal Services

We offer a wide range of port services specialised in offshore supply, including loading and unloading of vessels and cars. In addition, we offer internal transport, bulk and MGO handling (with supply from all major drilling fluid suppliers) and OCTG handling.

Technical Services

NorSea offers a wide range of technical services across a number of fields. Some of these services include preservation, technical control of various types of equipment and the assembly of structures and devices. We work every day to offer our customers a one- stop shop for supplying to the North Sea offshore industry.


With over 80,000 m² of building stock, we offer rental of warehouses, offices and outdoor areas with differing levels of security. Our focus is on providing customised solutions.

A man in orange helmet and green/yellow colthing is operating a large forklift inside a warehouse


Our expertise in logistics and warehouse services enables us to offer quality services within commodity, warehouse, control and storage management.

We offer modern warehouses with either shared or dedicated storage invoice models along with options for increased storage density and a flexible lease footprint:
– Movable Rack/Double-deep rack/Cantilever Rack
– Tornado machines
– Flat-rack heavy storage initiative

NorSea also provide a bonded warehouse service and offer customs clearance support in cooperation with a trusted third-party supplier.

A man and a woman wearing yellow sweaters are studying a computer screen


Our personnel can offer a wide range of services and expertise. Specialist skills include; project and logistics coordinators, material management, material coordinators for drilling and operating supplies and storage services. We also assist with expertise in administrative and management tasks.

Logistics Centre

NorSea’s Logistic Centre (LC) is located in Dusavik and can be a fully integrated «One- Stop Shop» for our customers logistics scope.

A logistics center. The image is taken over the head of an employee operating three screens. Other employees are working in the background and the wall behind everyone is covered in screens showing various data

Our Logistics Centre (LC) can take on the overall responsibility for handling and coordinating the majority of our customers’ logistics activities related to offshore supply and can be the main point of contact for the onshore operations. The key role is to plan, coordinate and execute ongoing campaigns, to summarise completed campaigns and to plan for upcoming campaigns for the Oil and Gas Industry.

The LC provides highly skilled personnel to administer the campaign contracts with all various partners (e.g.; CHC, SR Group, CCU, Emergency Response) including, but not limited to:

Planning, running and managing systems and procedures

Material and equipment coordination

Coordination of freight forwarding

Base services

Waste management

Marine activities

Helicopter services

Tananger quay data

LengthRo-roDuctalbDepthLoadPoint LoadHeight Euref89
Quay 1A90 m7 m4 t/m270 t/m2K + 1,30
Quay 1B90 m7 m4 t/m270 t/m2K + 1,75
Quay 2120 m11 m7 t/m2100 t/m2K + 1,65
Quay 3128 m11 m4-9 t/m270 t/m2K + 1,65
Quay 435 m11 m4 t/m270 t/m2K + 1,75
Quay 5120 m8,5 m10 t/m270 t/m2
Quay 6190 m

Dusavik quay data

LengthRo-roDuctalbDepthLoadPoint LoadHeight Euref89
Quay 1110 m10 m10 t/m270 t/m2
Quay 2A122 m13 m10 t/m270 t/m2K + 2,4
Quay 2B122 m13 m10 t/m270 t/m2K + 2,0
Quay 371 m11 m8 m10 t/m270 t/m2K + 1,75
Quay 472 m8 m10 t/m270 t/m2K + 1,8
Quay 572 m8 m10 t/m270 t/m2K + 1,8
Quay 6117 m8,4 m10 t/m270 t/m2K + 1,75

Contact us



+47 51 85 30 00

Customer center

+47 40 00 65 55

Postal address

P.O. Box 5023, 4084 Stavanger


Visiting address

Notberget 25, 4029 Stavanger



+47 51 85 30 00

Customer center

+47 40 00 65 55

Postal address

P.O. Box 5023, 4084 Stavanger


Visiting address

Risavika Havnering, Bygg 45, 4056 Tananger