Base & logistics services

NorSea has over 55 years of experience as a supplier of base and logistics services to a number of industries. Your need is our challenge – and we work every day to deliver complete logistics solutions in a safe, smart and environmentally friendly way. We would like to talk to you about what you need – and our common opportunities.

Complete solutions

NorSea provides base and logistics services from 14 bases and industrial parks in Norway, Denmark, the UK and Canada. We offer complete logistics solutions through NorSea Logistics – in addition to owning and developing the infrastructure at most locations through our sister company NorSea Property. Our warehouses and ports are equipped to accommodate industrial goods for any period. Around the clock.

We offer materials management, logistics planning, cargo inspection, waste management, transportation, fuel supply and other relevant marine services at our locations.

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Combined base details
Total base area 2,451,000 m2
Outdoor storage 1,448,000 m2
Warehouses 195,100 m2
Workshops 60,500 m2
Offices 111,500 m2
Quays 47
Quay lengths 3,267 m
NorSea Tananger
Risavika Havnering 14, 4056 Tananger
(+47) 400 04 321
NorSea Dusavik
Notberget 25, 4029 Stavanger
(+47) 518 53 000
NorSea Denmark
Kanalen 1 DK-6700, Esbjerg
+45 79 11 19 00
Total base area 200,000 m2
Outdoor storage 160,000 m2
Warehouses 30,000 m
Workshops 5,000 m2
Offices 5,000 m2
Quays 6
Quay lengths 800 m
NorSea Stordbase
Eldøyane Næringspark bygg 125, 5411 Stord
+47 53 41 99 99
Total base area 100,000 m2
Outdoor storage 95,000 m2
Warehouses 4,000 m
Workshops 800 m2
Offices 400 m2
Quays 3
Quay lengths 257 m
Norbase AS
Stangnesterminalen 6, 9409 Harstad
+47 77 07 96 00
Total base area 50,000 m2
Outdoor storage 20,000 m2
Warehouses 5,100 m
Workshops 3,000 m2
Offices 2,100 m2
Quays 2
Quay lengths 360 m
NorSea Vestbase
Omagata 110C, 6517 Kristiansund
+47 71 57 22 00
Total base area 821,000 m2
Outdoor storage 530,000 m2
Warehouses 55,000 m
Workshops 25,000 m2
Offices 22,000 m2
Quays 13
NorSea UK
Peterhead – Peterhead Harbour, Peterhead, AB42 1DX
+44 01224 451000
Aberdeen – NorSea House, Crawpeel Road, Altens Ind Est, Aberdeen, AB12 3LG
Total base area 80,000 m2
Outdoor storage 78,000 m2
Warehouses 4,000 m
Offices 2,000 m2
Quays 3
Quay lengths 250 m
NorSea Polarbase AS
Havneveien 50, 9610 Rypefjord
+47 784 21 700
Total base area 500,000 m2
Outdoor storage 350,000 m2
Warehouses 40,000 m
Workshops 1,700 m2
Offices 3,000 m2
Quays 5
Quay lengths 500 m
NorSea Østlandet
+47 909 09 090
+47 808 08 080
NorSea Florø
Botnaneset 23, 6900 Florø
+47 959 59 595

Terminal & Quayside Services

Our professional team delivers a complete portfolio of terminal and port side services, with modern handling equipment to ensure precise, efficient and safe handling of all cargo for offshore supply vessels.

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Pipe & Tubular Services

We provide complete pipe services (OCTG) and have modern equipment adapted to moving pipes, operated by certified operators.

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Bulk & Bunkers Services

We offer all relevant wet and dry bulk products with large capacity, first-class water quality, gas oil (MGO) and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

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Marine Operations & Engineering

We offer complete solutions in marine operations and engineering services.

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Waste Management

Our subsidiary, Maritime Waste Management (MWM), ensures that waste is collected, recycled and handled in accordance with current legislation, regardless of location. MWM offers waste and cleaning-related services and was among the first to implement complete waste management (Total Waste Management) for the North Sea.

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Military Logistics

NorSea provides logistics services to the Norwegian Armed Forces through the company WilNor Governmental Services (WGS), which we own together with Wilhelmsen. The company specializes in military logistics. The services reflect the logistics needs that the air, naval and land forces have associated with preparations, deployment and operations.

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Logistics of wind turbine components

Elevon are experts in the logistics of components for wind turbines, both at sea and on land. The company, which is owned by NorSea Impact and ALS (Abnormal Load Services), was established in June 2020 and has completed a number of major projects in the past year. The company works closely with the global logistics companies Wallenius Wilhelmsen and Wilhelmsen.

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