NorSea Canada

NorSea, a global leader in offshore supply base development and operations and Integrated Logistics, a Newfoundland based company specialising in logistics and terminal operations, announced the establishment of Canadian Supply Base Company (CSBC) in November 2017.

A container ship on its way to its destination. Harbors are in the background

CSBC benefits from NorSea’s expertise in developing integrated supply and service centres to support the offshore oil and gas sector, and Integrated Logistics’ expertise in managing marine projects in the Canadian business environment.

The new company, Canadian Supply Base Company, is gathering resources, opportunities and cluster participants to explore the development of a proposed multi-user, ‘one-stop shop’ port cluster at Bull Arm, Newfoundland. This ‘Life of Field Service Centre’ concept would incorporate supply base services with subsea services and fabrication, and an industrial estate for supply and service companies.

For further information and business opportunities:

Ian LaPointe
Vice President, Business Development
Canadian Supply Base Company

For project inquiries:

Andrew Short
Vice President, Operations
Canadian Supply Base Company