NorSea Denmark

NorSea Denmark (formerly Danbor) was established in 1974 and is a pioneer in the service industry, supporting offshore oil and gas and operating Denmark’s largest supply base.

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About Esbjerg

The company began by supporting the offshore players in the North Sea. As the offshore industry developed, the company became a multi-service supplier delivering customised solutions to the offshore industry worldwide.

For over 40 years, we have been operating the largest supply base in Denmark, with over 110,000m² of outdoor project area with direct quay access. Even though our base is situated in Denmark, we operate and offer services worldwide. Our partnerships with other suppliers enable us to provide a variety of port services.

Total base area

200,000 m2

Outdooor storage

160,000 m2


30,000 m2


5,000 m2


5,000 m2



Quay lengths

800 m


Logistics Services

With our expertise and know-how, we can provide a comprehensive, sustainable and efficient solution for our customer. We handle all sorts of assignments and, as part of an international group, we deliver worldwide. Our team has worked with many global partners.
The industry of freight forwarding is constantly developing with new systems and cost-efficient technology. We always challenge ourselves to meet the new standards to ensure that our customers experience the best available service.

Contract Haulage & Trucking

With a wide variety of transportation units in the fleet, we ensure that your goods are prioritised and that you have access to the most optimal transportation vehicle available. Through our integrated digital systems, we offer online booking, EDI, planning and tracking of all units within our fleet. These systems provide us with data and improved planning. This offers our customers extra safety and options for knowledge sharing.


The correct issuance of customs documentation is very important when it comes to ensuring both on-time delivery and the required clearances. NorSea Denmark has experience with regulations and import/export documents, and we know the processes and compliance requirements on an international basis. We are AEO authorised (authorized economic operator) thus making us able to clear goods in customs within the EU.

Two men are working on a steel construction

Steel Construction & Surface Treatment

Our blacksmiths have delivered projects of different sizes and complexity to the energy and offshore industry for decades. We deliver projects such as gangways, staircases, tubes and handrails to the offshore industry. Our projects have improved overall quality for our customers. This part of NorSea Denmark is responsible for maintenance, certification and repairs of a large pool of containers and tanks used in the energy industry.

High-quality surface treatment significantly improves the durability of the surface and is cost-effective. We are specialists in a variety of high-quality treatments for offshore constructions to ensure the most optimal conditions. We offer a variety of sandblasting treatments.

Offshore Operations & Maintenance

Extensive Planning & Knowledge

Through extensive planning and knowledge, we ensure that our manpower is ready to be deployed wherever needed. This minimises time and cost of offshore activities to support the demands of our customers’ solutions. Our employees have years of experience and hands-on know-how and are therefore able to meet the vast number of challenges they are faced with. Our industry-certified supervisors have extensive knowledge and experience in project management.

Trained Employees

Through our trained cooks, camp bosses, medics, stewards and stewardesses we have been active in the North Sea for the past 40 years. We operate globally and enjoy the scale advantages of NorSea and the global maritime industry. Wilhelmsen enables us to ensure globally attractive procurement agreements for catering supplies and local staffing.
Our non-destructive testing crew will deploy one of several different techniques to deliver the best solution.

Vast Experience & Know-how

With our vast experience and know-how, we have conducted many analyses to identify the most optimal materials for each scenario. The analyses cover, among other things, the visualisation of how the materials will react under high pressure without reducing the materials’ usability in the future. The documentation of our NDT will be readable and simple to make the communication as clear as possible.

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