NorSea Vestbase

NorSea Vestbase’s location offers optimum conditions for providing efficient services for the oil & gas industry. The terminal and quay facilities ensure accessibility and capacity for bulk handling and handling of large individual jobs.

an aerial photograph of the Vestbase's facilities in the summer

About Vestbase

We have developed a total concept that includes all logistics-related tasks which must be solved at or from the base, such as efficient transport, shipping and customs solutions. NorSea Vestbase possesses expertise within core activities of terminal operations such as management, equipment coordination, purchasing, rig coordination and transport/forwarding.

Our infrastructure includes 11+2 quays, gross 570.000m² area, with 100.000m² workshop/storage/offices. Major bulk provider companies are established with lines directly to the main quays. Both MGO and LNG are supplied from Vestbase.


Total base area

821,000 m2

Outdooor storage

530,000 m2


55,000 m2


25,000 m2


22,000 m2



Terminal Services

We offer a wide range of port services, including loading and unloading of vessels and trucks, internal transport, bulk handling and bunker deliveries. We also offer handling of OCTG as well as personell and transport sevices.

Technical Services

NorSea Vestbase offers a range of technical services, including industrial cleaning, preservation and inspection. Efficient solutions obviate the need for inefficient transport or exposure to damage, and Vestbase has the necessary facilities to achieve this. Partners are adept at working in teams, meaning that multi-discipline maintenance can be performed «on the spot».

Riser Certification

NorSea Vestbase has long experience with mobilisation and demobilisation, inspection and certification of risers. In conjunction with contractors, we undertake all kinds of service and re-certification needed on workover risers to meet current standards, including DNV-RP-E101.

A man wearing orange jacket and white helmet are overseeing the lifting of some tubes

Disposal of Flexible Risers

NorSea Vestbase has developed a unique system, depot and equipment for the disposal of rejected flexible risers. The disposal depot is located close to quay #2 where the risers are stacked, and this means that emissions can be cut to a minimum and operations can meet appropriate safety standards.

A person is cleaning a tube part using technical cleaning

Technical Cleaning

Equipment often needs to be preserved prior to storage, inspection, or before shipping to other locations. Among the operations are desalination, flushing to remove algae, mollusks and other marine growth, anti-corrosion measures, removal of flaking paintwork and simple assembly and disassembly.

Preservative coating, NDT inspections and other relevant services are offered for equipment, as necessary, in partnership with specialist contractors. Vestbase has a state of the art cleaning facility, including an ultra-high-pressure cleaning unit.

Man wearing safety helmet and orange overall working on a pipe


The offshore industry is dependent on specialised equipment, which requires significant investment. This equipment is stored on a standby basis. Vestbase offers recognised preservation methods to prevent atmospheric or weather damage, also for outdoor storage. Preservation is a cheap and effective investment to keep and conserve equipment.


NorSea Vestbase offer tailor-made warehouse services with a dedicated unit managing the multi-client warehouse. This provides warehouse services on behalf of clients which need local support. This concept is ideal for clients which have goods in transit outbound/inbound, and therefore need services such as;

Goods receipt

Storage / Storage control


Custom / Declaration / Bonded area etc.

Packing / Securing

Provision of third part services

Liaison with third parties


Flexibility & Customer Alignment

Key to our policy is the ability to be flexible and to align with the ever-changing needs of present and future customers.
At Vestbase there is easy access to heavy machinery for cargo loading and discharge, internal transport, crane facilities and more. The shared perimeter security and joint industrial defence organisation means you can concentrate on what you do best and leave joint-related concerns to us.

Personnel & Offshore Positions

Our personnel can offer a wide range of services and expertise. This includes project and logistics coordinators, material management and material coordinators for drilling and operating supplies and storage services. We also assist with expertise in administrative and management tasks.

Quay Data

Length Ro-ro Ductalb Depth w/ Low Tide Load Point Load Height Euref89 Height Sea Map Shore power
Quay 1 12 m 6 m K + 2,20 K +3,55
Quay 2 60 m 25 m N 10 m 10 t/m2 70 t/m2 K + 2,56 K +3,91
Quay 3 45 m 8 m 5 t/m2 70 t/m2 K + 2,64 K +3,99
Quay 4 80 m 30 m 10 m 10 t/m2 70 t/m2 k + 2,78 K +4,13
Quay 5 80 m 30 m 10 m 10 t/m2 70 t/m2 k + 2,78 K +4,13 Yes
Quay 6 160 m 10 m 10 t/m2 70 t/m2 k + 2,78 K +4,13 Yes (East & West)
Quay 7 63 m* 7,3 m 5 t/m2 55 t/m2 K+2,52 K +3,87 Yes
Quay 7B, East 45 m 9 m 0 t/m2 0 t/m2
Quay 8 100 m 40 m Ø 21,4 m 30 t/m2 120 t/m2 K+2,98 K +4,33
Quay 9 40 m 25 m Ø 10 m 10 t/m2 70 t/m2 K+2,97 K +4,32
Quay 20 72 m 20 m 2 stk 7,5 m 10 t/m2 70 t/m2 K+1,60 K +2,95
Quay 21 80 m 20 m V 16 m 20 t/m2 125 t/m2 K+2,60 K +3,95

*The quay has restrictions regarding loading and unloading operations on the first 43 meters from the west.

Bulk- / Bunker Products

Water MGO Bentonite Barite Brine MEG Mud Methanol LNG Base oil Slop Cement
Quay 1
Quay 2
Quay 3
Quay 4
Quay 5
Quay 6, West
Quay 6, East
Quay 7
Quay 7, East
Quay 8
Quay 9
Quay 20
Quay 21

Major accidents

At NorSea Vestbase, LNG (liquified natural gas), Methanol and Marine Gas Oil (MGO) are currently stored and handled.

Due to the size of the total volume handled and stored of these type products, NorSea Vestbase falls under the Major Accident Regulations.

This means that NorSea Vestbase must prepare a safety report at least every 5 years or in the event of significant changes, according to guidelines from the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB).

Safety report


Information to the public


Forms & information

Pre-arrival Ship Security Information request

Security Statement


Pre-arrival Ship Security Information request


Terminal Information Booklet 2024 (ENG)


General information and map of NorSea Vestbase


Waste management plan


Connect to shore power


Hot work

All forms of hot work on the base site must be reported and approved before work is commenced. With hot work, we mean: Welding, cutting, burning, soldering, using angle grinder or any use of high self-heating tools or developing heat and / or sparks. Approved / signed form must be present at the workplace during work.

Apply for work permit via the form and user manual below.

Application form

User manual



Logistics & Operations Centre

+47 99 49 18 00

Switchboard Phone

+47 71 57 22 00

Emergency Center

+47 71 57 22 01

Main Gate (“24/7”)

+47 46 41 41 40

Multiclient Warehouse

+47 464 12 533

Online Booking / NorSea Customer Site


Visiting Address

Omagata 110C, 6517 Kristiansund

Property Duty phone

+47 901 96 291

Bulk Duty phone

+47 480 00 794