Creating the digital supply chain through increasing information sharing and collaboration

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A Positive Contributor

Our focus is to be a positive contributor in the offshore industry`s efforts to increase efficiency in the supply chain, reduce cost and maintain the highest delivery quality possible. Therefore, Konciv has a strategic focus on developing and delivering digital solutions both for NorSea and external customers.

Konciv is a joint venture between NorSea and Kongsberg Digital. Collaborating through Konciv, NorSea and Kongsberg digital ensures both leading logistics competencies as well as world leading technology development into our product development and deliveries. Our solution, NSG E2E, is delivered through Kongsberg Digital`s platform, Kognifai – a world leading digital platform that ensures top grade security, uptime and award winning global 24 / 7 support.

Supply Chain Visibility

For project managers and logistics supervisors it is important to have control of the flow of goods needed for smooth and efficient operations. With NSG E2E, you get an instant overview of your flow of goods, both in terms of geographical position and as well as real time process control. This allows the user to see where the item is at any point in time, and why the item is at this specific location. This service ensures that supply chain professionals have a complete and up to date overview, at all times.

Plan, Collaborate & Follow Up

NSG E2E allows you to Invite and collaborate with your contractors and logistics partners. Enable them to be a part of both your planning process as well as the logistics operation, and notify them seamlessly about changes in requirements. A collaborative planning process enables a more efficient and reliable flow of goods. In the supply chain there is often a need for information input from several different actors. With our solution this multi-party collaboration can be executed and monitored in real-time. This service reduces complexity and makes it easier to follow goods as they flow through your supply chain. Our solutions allows integration with a wide range of tracking technologies, and our open integration standards allow both you and your contractor to seamlessly integrate to NSG E2E.

Efficient Operation

The main purpose of digitalisation is to create a more efficient and seamless logistics operation. We provide solutions that prioritise safety and operational requirements. All modules and functionality are developed in the NSG E2E solution, so collaboration and information sharing can take place efficiently. In addition to supply chain control and visibility we provide modules for warehouse management, loading and unloading of vessels, container tracking, well planning and more.


Henrik Heggland

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