NorSea Operations COVID-19 status

Coronavirus statement

As the situation rapidly evolves, we are monitoring events very closely and taking a pro-active and preventative approach towards safeguarding the health, safety and security of our employees.

We continue to gather and make decisions based on advice from the World Health Organization, requirements from authorities at the local and country level, and a broad range of industry and institutional sources.

In addition, our own network is constantly monitoring the situation on the ground, sharing local advisories regarding personnel, sites and port operations in real time.

We continue to provide services and products to our customers within the current conditions and regulatory requirements imposed by authorities.

For Norway, follow the advice from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the Norwegian Government.

On arrival at main gate NorSea supply bases

NorSea has manned main gates at the supply bases in Stavanger, Kristiansund and Hammerfest.

Visitors and delivery of goods
• As a general rule, visits should not be accepted unless it is business-critical
• Visits where service purposes cannot be documented, are not allowed entry.
• Delivery of goods and crew replacements will proceed as normal for the time being.
• All visitors are asked if they themselves or anyone they have been in contact with recently have been in one of the risk areas.
• In case of suspected contamination concerning crew, captain of vessel will be contacted for clarification.

Visitation of persons and vehicles (expires)
• ID and delivery papers are still being checked
• Physical contact should be limited by no conduct of body search, and not entering the cab of vehicles
• Passive control (that person shows contents of bag, bag, pockets etc) is performed as normal

Increased focus on Hygiene
• Avoid hand greeting
• Gloves are used (when handling IDs, papers and business cards)
• Hand sanitisers available for staff and visitors.
• Equipment is regularly cleaned with disinfectant.

• Foreign personell are denied shore leave in Norwegian ports.
This is in accordance with the immigration regulations §4-19, paragraph 5.

The restrictions relates directly to the Covid-19 virus situation.

Measures across locations

• Canteens are closed or produce only food packages.
• All functions that can work from home are sent home.
• Continuous refilling of hand sanitizers at locations.
• Instructions for disinfecting of vehicles and equipment in place.
• Physical meetings, gatherings and the like are to be avoided.
• Physical separation of teams is implemented where possible.
• Updated and distributed instructions for concierge and vessel
• 2nd and 3rd line staff activated with fixed meeting structure.
• Interaction and live reporting on a common platform.
• Contingency plans for personnel have been prepared.

Instruction for vessel to quay

The following should be limited: ​
• Crew leaving vessel​. If the crew leaves the vessel, they must be familiar with and comply with the governmental and base’s current requirement and measures to prevent infection.
• Visits to vessels​

During loading operations on base:​
• Loading meeting shall take place at quay with reasonable distance between personnel.​

• No one from base or other supplier shall be in the vessel's interior​

• Physical documents between base and vessel shall not be transmitted. This should be uploaded in WELS / SAP or sent by mail​

Project vessels:​
• Personnel shall not leave the vessel unless it is critical to operations. Clarified with base in advance.​

• No one from the base or suppliers shall enter the vessel's interior​

• Visitors only apply to critical personnel and the vessel must have 100% control of these persons. The vessel must be certain that they are not at risk of corona / covid 19 infection​

When bunkering / using shore power​:
• The same guidelines as above will apply in order to avoid contact between personnel involved etc.​

• All vessels shall in advance of arrival to the quay receive this information and confirm that they comply with this instruction.​

an aerial photograph of the Vestbase's facilities in the summer

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact your NorSea company representative.

For media only
Please contact press contact:
Communications Manager: Marius Steen
Mobile: 959 65 379:

Dear customer and partner

It is a special and demanding time for us all. Meanwhile it is motivating to see how we are showing unique companionship and collaboration across our industry and with our authorities. Everyone at NorSea are working in an impressive way, where safety, our can-do attitude and creativity are central components. I am sure you are experiencing the same in your organization. It is truly exceptional what we are capable of even in these extreme times.

Operational status
It is imperative for us to care for the safety of our employees, the environment we operate in and all our collaborating partners. Therefore, we have initiated a comprehensive list of measures to secure safe and stable operations within the regulations set by the authorities in the markets we operate. And just as important, that our measures help stop the spread of the virus in our society at large.

We are fully operational at all our bases and we continue to deliver to the Norwegian continental shelf as normal, with solid plans in place to handle further challenges. We are monitoring the situation closely of course, both globally and in our markets, and we are adjusting accordingly and continuously.

Because this situation is something completely new to us, we truly appreciate a close dialogue good cooperation with our customers, suppliers and authorities. We discover solutions together, we improve and adjust together, and we move on together. We at NorSea share what practical information we have via our website, this letter to you, and our always updated operational status reports.

All of us at NorSea work within three main principles: Safer. Smarter. Greener. It is during these times we really uncover our true character, and I am proud of who we are.

Thank you for your cooperation and belief in us at NorSea. Take care of yourself, take of those around you. Together we will get through this challenging situation.

Best regards
John Stangeland
CEO NorSea