Drilling Support

Our Global Logistics Solution for exploration drilling activities is a concept for lead and support of logistics services at new and remote locations. Our logistics solution is provided by NorSea together with Wilhelmsen Ships Service.

Our Approach

Through our extensive international network, we support clients through planning, mobilisation, execution and demobilization phases.

A logistics center. The image is taken over the head of an employee operating three screens. Other employees are working in the background and the wall behind everyone is covered in screens showing various data

Our Digital Promise

NorSea has a strategic focus to utilise, develop and deliver digital solutions to our operations as well as to our customers. We ensure that we are a positive contributor to the industries efforts in increasing efficiency in the supply chain, reducing cost and maintaining the highest standards of quality. This work is led by our digital subsidiary, NorSea Digital.

NorSea Digital

Our Services

Our services include personnel & competency, base management, fleet management and supply chain management.

A close up photo of pipes with different colour markings sprayed on them

Level of Integration is Adjusted to Your Needs

Our logistics team offer support from locations that cover your needs on core services such as; loading/unloading, warehouse services, offices, management, bulk facilities, handling equipment and HSSEQ. We have experience ranging from personnel hire to complete supply chain management. We adjust our level of integration and management to meet your needs and agreed scope.

NorSea’s Partner Services