From left: Helge Ørke, regional manager of BEWI Energy in Kristiansund together with Terje Kvisvik, responsible for construction projects in NorSea. Photo credit: Ture Haugen

BEWI Energy and NorSea collaboration provides opportunities for large-scale development of plants for the recycling of hard plastic in Norway and Europe.

(Stavanger/Trondheim, 6 November 2019). The agreement between BEWI Energy and NorSea is substantial and includes in the first round construction of up to 9 receiving plants for recycling of plastics and plastic products, with start-up in Norway, followed by plants in Denmark, the UK and the Netherlands.

“Our ambition is to build a chain of high-tech plastic recycling facilities, based on NorSea’s bases her in Norway. In the long term, we look for establishment in Europe as well, and in other parts of the world,” says Geir Skjevik, CEO of the BEWI Group.

The establishment will start in Norway, at NorSea Vestbase’s plant in Kristiansund. Further development is planned at NorSea Polarbase (Hammerfest), NorSea Stavanger (Tananger), NorSea Denmark (Esbjerg), NorSea UK (Aberdeen and Peterhead), and the Netherlands (Den Helder)
when the pilot plant in Kristiansund is up and running.

“The new plants will serve as central reception and processing plants for hard plastics from the offshore industry and other industries. This contributes to far more environmentally friendly handling and recycling of recycled plastic locally, in contrast to today’s solution where large quantities of plastic waste are transported to Sweden and Germany, and thus an essential contribution to the concept of circular economy,” says John Stangeland, CEO of NorSea.

Sustainable supply bases
“Shared ambitions for the development of sustainable production and green business models, as well as international presence, were crucial for partner selection,” Skjevik continues. “For us, it is incredibly important to establish collaboration with companies that share our sustainability perspective and who wants to contribute to good environmental solutions,” adds Skjevik.
The recycled plastic will be washed and processed so that it will again form as a raw material in the BEWI group’s various plastic products. This allows for a significant reduction in the use of virgin plastic (new plastic), and forms the basis for products with a high proportion of recycled raw material.

“NorSea has a strong focus on developing new business and collaboration concepts that contribute to more sustainable development in all parts of the group. The collaboration with BEWI Energy therefore represents an important milestone for us,” Stangeland continues. “This is a quantum leap in the right direction, in our efforts to further develop our supply bases as industrial clusters that also pave the way for future new industrial solutions, while developing our customer base,” the CEO ends.

A long-term collaboration
BEWI Energy has signed an agreement for the lease of an area of ​​5000 sq.m. base, and the plan is that the first processing plant will be operational in Kristiansund by the end of Q1 2021.
NorSea will provide customized building stock and rent these to BEWI Energy on a long-term lease. BEWI Energy will be responsible for the construction of the processing plants.

International ambitions
BEWI Energy has a long-term horizon for its investments, and wants NorSea to facilitate further expansion in Germany, the USA, Canada, Asia, Africa and Australia. Future establishments internationally will be made through a collaboration with the NorSea group’s majority owner Wilhelmsen.

For further information, please contact:

Geir Skjevik, CEO, BEWI Energy
E-mail:               Mobile: +47 416 17 641

John E. Stangeland, CEO, NorSea                             
Mobile: +47 915 59 446

About the companies

BEWI is a complex organization and consists of approximately 1,800 employees with 32 factories in 7 European countries. Main products are packaging and molded plastic products as well as products in expandable polyacids (EPS). The group had a turnover of approx. USD 680 million in 2018. More information about BEWI can be found here:

NorSea is a privately-owned company founded in 1965. The company is a complete supplier of port-, base- and logistics solutions to customers in the oil and gas industry, the aquaculture industry, the growing offshore wind industry and other maritime industries. The NorSea group currently operates nine bases and port facilities along the coast of Norway, as well as bases in Denmark and the UK.

NorSea is also a significant owner of real estate and base / port infrastructure, mainly in the locations where there are operational base companies. In recent years, NorSea has also built up activity and services in new business areas, respectively in the offshore wind market, technical / maritime services, digital solutions and services towards the public sector / the Norwegian Armed Forces.

The Group has an annual turnover of approx. NOK 2 billion and has around 900 employees. NorSea is 75% owned by Wilh. Wilhelmsen Holding Invest AS and is an integral part of a large worldwide network in the maritime industry. More information about NorSea can be found here:

Wilhelmsen is a global maritime industry group founded in 1861. We have the largest maritime network in the world, with a presence in over 2 200 locations globally. In addition to serving over half of the worldwide merchant fleet with products and services, we supply crew and handle technical management for some of the most complex vessels in the world. We also develop new and daring solutions, shaping the maritime industry for the future. With thousands of colleagues in more than 70 countries, we take competence, compliance, sustainability, innovation and unparalleled customer experiences one step further. For more information, please visit Follow us on Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram | YouTube