Equinor extends base agreement with NorSea Group

NorSea Group will provide basic services for another two years for Equinor. The agreement is of crucial importance for a number of cornerstone companies along the coast – and provides security for around 1,500 jobs directly or indirectly.

“We are proud and humbled that Equinor is extending the agreement, which is very important for NorSea Group and for our skilled suppliers and partners along the coast. We have a sharp focus on secure, smart and green supplies to the Norwegian continental shelf – and will continue to show ourselves worthy of trust”, says John E. Stangeland, CEO of NorSea Group AS.

The agreement applies from 1 July 2021. The contract has been awarded on behalf of Equinor-operated licenses on the Norwegian shelf.

A total of 1500 jobs

“The new agreement provides predictability to strengthen our common goal of sustainable operations on the Norwegian shelf. The agreement also means that we maintain a steady course for the strategy of further developing strong local bases – and business clusters associated with them”, says Stangeland, and points out that the contract affects more than 700 jobs in NorSea – and almost double if you also count suppliers and partners .

The base agreement between Equinor and NorSea Group was entered into in 2015. The agreement had a duration of six years, with an option to extend by two plus two years. The agreement, which is of historical scope, includes deliveries from Stavanger to Hammerfest, including Coast Center Base at Ågotnes and Mongstad.

NorSea Group has contracts for storage and handling of pipes, terminal services and warehousing services in Dusavik, Kristiansund and Hammerfest, as well as terminal services and warehousing services at Mongstad and Ågotnes. In Florø, NorSea Group has a contract for storage and handling of pipes, in addition to warehousing services.

Emissions equivalent to 2312 cars

NorSea Group collaborates with Equinor to reduce CO2 emissions in logistics operations. An example is joint efforts to increase the use of shore power, which reduces CO2 emissions and noise from the vessels when they are at the quay at the bases.

The annual reduction in CO2 emissions by using shore power at NorSea’s bases today is equivalent to the emissions from 2312 cars.

Contact person:

John E. Stangeland, Group CEO, NorSea Group AS – tel. 91559446

Marius Steen, Information Manager, NorSea Group AS, tel. 95965379