Exploring new industrial adventure in Ryfylke

Here, in the giant quarry of Norsk Stein at Jelsa in Ryfylke, NorSea and partners plan to produce the foundations for floating wind turbines.

“We plan to build wind turbines on dry land, fill our entire part of the quarry with seawater and pull the floating wind turbines out to sea directly from the production area. This ensures the shortest possible path from production to use, which saves the environment, is safer and saves costs”, says Knut Magne Johannessen in NorSea.

The goal of the newly established WindWorks Jelsa, which is founded by NorSea, Suldal municipality, Ryfylke IKS, in collaboration with Norsk Stein and New Kaupang, is to build wind turbines on the seafront at Jelsa – in the decommissioned part of the quarry.

Great energy demand

The world’s energy needs are increasing. Offshore wind has been identified as a future energy source and export product for Norway.

Floating wind turbines are demanding to build, heavy and large facilities are needed if the production of the wind turbines is to be viable. In Suldal municipality lies what may be the most sustainable production area of ​​floating offshore wind turbines in the future, in what is today a quarry.

Norsk Stein operates the quarry in Suldal municipality. This is a particularly suitable quarry with a depth of 40 meters below sea level, with a huge area of ​​approx. 450.000 m2 in the first phase, and up to 900.000 m2 when Norsk Stein is finished.

More jobs

In the years to come, Norsk Stein will advance in the quarry, thus opening up space in decommissioned areas. The original plan is to fill the quarry with water up to sea level and plant the area above the water level, but NorSea, together with other players, sees the possibilities of establishing offshore wind turbine production in the quarry.

“Norsk Stein is today the municipality’s largest private employer, and it is a prerequisite that Norsk Stein will continue its activity unhindered by the wind turbine project. With Windworks Jelsa, we see opportunities for even more jobs in the region, as well as an important position in the offshore wind industry for many years to come”, says mayor Gerd Helen Bø in Suldal municipality.

Windworks Jelsa and the project are run by NorSea, Suldal municipality, Ryfylke IKS, in collaboration with Norsk Stein and New Kaupang. The feasibility study is expected to be concluded in the summer of 2021.

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Photos and illustrations: NorSea Group AS Copyright 2020 / Norsk Stein