Groundbreaking contract signed

During ONS, NorSea signed a ground-breaking agreement with four universities in Belgium and Norway - and our partners in Belgian Parkwind. A truly important collaboration, says the Belgian Prime Minister, who was present when the agreement was signed.

Key words are the development of new industry in Norway, offshore wind and competence.

Exchange experience across national borders.

The agreement is between Parkwind, universities in Brussels, Ghent, Bergen, Stavanger – and NorSea, which has a number of initiatives aimed at the development of wind power, both onshore and offshore.

Long – and short – at the same time

– An important and exciting collaboration! After all, Belgium has a long history of offshore wind, but we have a short coastline. With Norway, it is the opposite. You have a short history with offshore wind, but a very long coastline with enormous potential for sustainable, environmentally friendly offshore wind. We have major challenges in the coming years with regard to a stable, environmentally friendly supply of energy. We will solve this together, said Alexander De Croo, Prime Minister of Belgium, during the signing of the agreement at NorSea’s stand during ONS 2022.

An important day

– Undoubtedly a milestone in our investment in offshore wind! It is really great that Parkwind, our Belgian partner – and four universities – will commit to working together in this way. Together we will develop a new industrial adventure, and we at NorSea are in many ways very well positioned. The agreement we have signed today is an important element in the work on qualification for the licenses to be awarded, probably in the first half of 2023, says Project Director Morten Magnussen, who has worked with NorSea’s offshore wind venture for the past seven years.

Inestimable importance

– Offshore wind is a new area for us in Norsea and Wilhelmsen. Bringing Belgium’s expertise and Parkwind’s long experience into the development of a completely new industry in Norway is invaluable, says Jan Eyvin Wang, Chairman of NorSea and Executive VP New Energy at Wilhelmsen, NorSea’s owner.

– We have shown that we deliver in oil and gas. Now we will join the next adventure. For us, this is a very exciting and excellent opportunity to shape the new industry, Wang continues.

NorSea has ownership in several companies that are experts in various parts of the offshore wind industry; NorSea Wind, Elevon, Ventyr and Windworks Jelsa.

Contact: Morten Magnussen, tel. +47 90827679