Here is our new terminal management system

Today, we went live with our new terminal management system in Dusavik. The tools will provide shorter turn times for the boats and trucks loading and unloading at the bases, simpler days for everyone who works in the logistics chain – and improved quality on all levels.

-The solutions are implemented at a fast pace. Dusavik is the first one out. Then the other bases along the coast over the summer. With skilled colleagues, partners and customers, we have made great progress over the past year. In short, the initiative is all about reducing the time boats and trucks spend at our bases. We have been working on this project for a year now and NOK 25 million from the Norwegian Coastal Administration was an important and necessary catalyst to make it happen. Now we’re looking forward to witnessing the effects. This is the starting point!

Says Kristian Stapnes, Vice President of Digital and Improvement at NorSea (pictured below).

NOK 25 million from the Norwegian Coastal Administration

Over the past year, NorSea has developed new solutions in and around the operations at the bases, everything from goods handling to simplified arrival processes in and out of the bases. Everything is done with the intention of reducing the time boats and cars are inside the bases. Safer, smarter and greener operations – as we say in NorSea – and as the film below shows.

Tools and people. Together.

Thank you for collaborating!

Since 2019, the Norwegian Coastal Administration has managed the subsidy scheme for efficient and environmentally friendly ports. The aim of the scheme is to streamline the logistics chain through measures in ports. The annual budget is in excess of NOK 50 million.

-It is gratifying that NorSea’s project is being implemented! The project received the most support at the award in 2020, which means that we have high expectations for the results. We believe that this project will lead to reduced time spent on both vessels and trucks, which in turn leads to a more competitive sea transport and reduced emissions, says senior adviser Øyvind Sandbakk at the Norwegian Coastal Administration.

Thanks again for your support to the Norwegian Coastal Administration. Thanks for the excellent collaboration with a number of partners, such as Dolittle, Solv, Raalabs, Konciv, Mudah and SecMap. Without you this would not have been possible.

We are looking forward to the continuation!

Safer. Smarter. Greener.

Shaping the Supply Chain of Tomorrow