Signing Windworks Jelsa. John E. Stangeland, NorSea, Geir Ims, Windworks Jelsa and Audun Aaland, Implenia Norge. Photo: Lars Idar Waage

Implenia and NorSea become equal minority shareholders in WindWorks Jelsa

Implenia and WindWorks Jelsa agreed to develop a production facility in Norway for Europe’s growing floating offshore wind industry.

Implenia and WindWorks Jelsa have signed an investment as well as a shareholders’ agreement to develop a state-of-the-art production and assembly facility for large concrete or steel structures for the floating offshore wind industry at Norway’s west coast. Implenia and NorSea will become equal minority shareholders (approx. 41% each) in WindWorks Jelsa. For Implenia, Norway is one of the core markets for complex infrastructure projects. NorSea is an innovative supply chain partner, developer of industrial parks and a driving force for renewable energy.

The first phase “pre-production”, lasting from 2023-2026, will only require limited financial investments. Implenia’s investment will not be consolidated, but only equity accounted, in line with the Group’s asset-light strategy. In the signed agreement, Implenia committed to two small investment tranches in 2023 and 2024.

Offshore wind has huge potential for Europe’s sustainable future
Offshore renewable energy sources are expected to become the largest source of energy in Europe’s zero-car­bon future. Offshore wind has been identified as a substantial future energy source and export product for Norway, first concessions are expected in December 2023. The goal of WindWorks Jelsa is to become a key partner of the growing floating offshore wind industry across Europe, by building floating wind turbines on the West coast of Norway for a total output of one gigawatt per year. An installed capacity of one gigawatt can supply the annual electricity consumption of up to four million households.

The ambition for the project in Jelsa is to provide cost-efficient large concrete substructures for floa­ting offshore wind parks. Implenia will contribute its experience and know-how in site design and planning as well as in strategy and market approach. The project will be developed in several phases from 2023 to 2032 leading to a production and assembly area of 800,000 m2, including warehouses and workshops, purpose designed launching systems as well as heavy load quays.

A project in line with Implenia’s strategy
The project is aligned with Implenia’s strategic focus on large, complex infrastructure and its specialisation in infrastructure for renewable energy, with a wealth of experience and expertise. Supporting the development of floating offshore wind parks in Europe, Implenia strives to become an important player in this rapidly growing market.

Christian Späth, Head Division Civil Engineering of Implenia, says that the company’s expertise makes it the ideal partner for this emerging industry: “The floating offshore wind industry is an exciting new field, where Implenia can contribute its longstanding experience and broad expertise, based on its values sustainability, excellence, agility and collaboration. The production of floating wind turbines is going to be essential for a successful transition towards renewable energy.”

Geir Ims, Chairman of the Board of WindWorks Jelsa, emphasizes the importance of the agreements: “Strengthening the WindWorks Jelsa team with expertise and innovative power from Implenia for the development of cost-effective serial production of large concrete structures will increase the competitiveness of WindWorks Jelsa as well as of the Norwegian supply industry and provide great export opportunities.”