Meet our people at Vår Energi

These NorSea’ers do something we have wanted and worked for a long time – within our good partner Vår Energi.

“Håkon, Lillianne, Arild and Rita are experts in logistics and coordination of materials. That they get to work so closely with the customer – as part of the customer’s in-house teams – is incredibly educational and inspiring. This is the first time we have hired out personnel in this way”, says Tor Jarle Ramsland, head of the Department Store in Dusavik.

Håkon Fugelli, Lillianne Milwertz, Arild Kvalvåg and Rita Haver are all employed in logistics, drilling and material coordinators in NorSea, and work in in-house roles with our good partner and customer, Vår Energi at their head office at Forus.

Part of the operational teams

Tommy Olsen is the fifth man to work 100 percent with the operations of the energy company. Tommy works from the base in Dusavik.

“It is exciting to work so closely within the operations of Vår Energi, to be part of the team that plans and carries out the work that takes place in the fields. For us, it is about planning logistics and materials. We are part of a larger team on the rigs, engineers on land, the boats that go in and out, and various suppliers of equipment”, Håkon Fugelli explains.

On a daily basis, it concerns logistics to and from the wellhead platform Ringhorne, and the drilling rig West Phoenix, which drills new production wells in the Balder Future project.

All three began their roles at Vår Energi in the spring of 2021.

3-year old in rapid growth

Vår Energi have just turned three years old. Despite their young age, they are already the largest independent oil and gas company on the Norwegian shelf.

Vår Energi is present in the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea, and invests heavily in the Norwegian continental shelf. Among other things, 26.4 billion is invested to extend the life of the oldest license on the shelf, PL 001, on the Balder field in the North Sea.

In the Balder Future project, 14 wells and one water injection well will be drilled. In addition, the production vessel Jotun FPSO is located at Rosenberg shipyard in Stavanger for upgrading.

The Balder Future project represents almost 30,000 man-years employed for the project and operating period 2018-45, with a peak of 4,500 man-years in the period 2020-22.

Among them are our colleagues at Forus.