NorSea central in potential, green industrial adventure

NorSea holds a central position in the development of new, climate-friendly energy carriers through ownership in CCB Energy Holding. With a new, significant international investor and industrial developer in place, we are significantly closer to the goal.

“The agreement with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) represents a milestone in the effort towards a large-scale and strategic industrial venture in Øygarden, focusing on clean energy carriers such as hydrogen and ammonia. The ongoing work to realize the plans is progressing well, in good collaboration between CCB Energy, Øygarden municipality, and CIP,” says John Stangeland, CEO of NorSea.

CCB Energy and Øygarden municipality, through the jointly owned property company Naturgassparken Vest AS, have entered into an option agreement with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners. CIP is also involved in the partnership behind the offshore wind initiative Blåse.

The goal in Øygarden includes establishing production of hydrogen-based energy carriers from natural gas, with integrated CO2 capture and storage (CCS).

Industrial Development

NorSea owns half of CCB Energy Holding and is thus centrally positioned in a potential industrial adventure outside Bergen. Through ownership, NorSea has also taken an active role in facilitating large areas and infrastructure tailored for new, forward-thinking, and environmentally friendly industrial establishments.

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners is a Danish company specializing in infrastructure investments, particularly wind power. CIP is one of the world’s largest dedicated investment companies for renewable energy with around 25 billion euros invested.

Great Ambitions

“We have great ambitions for the Energy Park in Øygarden. One of the goals is large-scale hydrogen production. CIP is a significant player in the field and has extensive experience with a similar producing facility in the USA. With the new agreement, the chances of achieving the ambitions of CCB Energy Holding increase significantly. This is a major milestone, and we at NorSea are proud to be part of groundbreaking, environmentally friendly industrial development,” says John Stangeland.

Establishments like this require large areas, access to power, and proximity to CCS infrastructure for capturing and storing CO2 from production. These conditions are well taken care of in the Energy Park at Kollsnes, and through Northern Light’s reception and storage facility for CO2.

CCB Energy / Naturgassparken Vest has already secured significant areas suitable for further industrial development, and the company is in close dialogue with various actors who have a keen interest in establishing themselves in this type of industrial cluster.

Establishing planned operations will involve significant investments. It will create a large number of new jobs and provide a significant boost to expertise for the business sector. This will also lead to significant ripple effects for existing businesses throughout the region.

“NorSea has a long tradition of managing transitions and developing new business opportunities. We want to be an active contributor and driver of more sustainable industrial development. In recent years, NorSea has taken on various roles and positions to be a driver in the work of new value chains and climate-friendly solutions, in both existing and new industries, such as Ventyr, Blåse, and CCB Energy Holding,” says John Stangeland.

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