NorSea competes for offshore wind development with strong partners

Through its companies Ventyr and Blåse Energi, NorSea is applying to be awarded project areas for offshore wind development in Norway. "Together with solid partners with long experience, we aim to expand our activity to become a developer in the offshore wind industry," says CEO John Stangeland.

NorSea has long been a supplier to the offshore wind industry in Norway, Denmark and Germany. “We offer and have ambitions to develop a range of services from construction and assembly to logistics, base operations and technical operations. We want to help build the wind industry and create jobs,” says Stangeland. “We believe the best way to do this is to work with experienced international developers.”

The government has announced two areas: Sørlige Nordsjø II for bottom-fixed turbines, and Utsira Nord for floating offshore wind. The winners of the competitions are awarded a project area with a time-limited exclusive right to carry out an impact assessment and to apply for a licence.

The company Blåse Energi is backed by NorSea, Belgian Parkwind and Danish Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP). Blåse is now working on an application for the Utsira Nord area, with a deadline in September.

In Sørlige Nordsjø II, Ventyr is responsible for the application, with a deadline in August. Here too, NorSea and Parkwind are owners.

Both Parkwind and CIP have considerable experience with the development and operation of offshore wind. CIP is among the world’s largest wind companies, and has international plans that exceed Norway’s overall ambition to develop 30,000 MW of offshore wind production by 2040.

“Our strong presence along the coast and familiarity with Norwegian conditions, combined with our partners’ long experience, knowledge and size make both Ventyr and Blåse well equipped for the competition they are now entering,” says Stangeland.