NorSea establishes new hub in Haugalandet

Here, at Espevik Næringstomt in Tysvær, NorSea will establish a maritime hub for offshore wind, aquaculture and traditional offshore operations. At the same time, NorSea becomes an infrastructure partner for the farming company Ecofisk, which currently controls the site. Tysvær municipality is positive to the plans.

– We believe that Espevik has exciting potential as a logistics hub. In our opinion, development of the area will supplement other maritime industrial environments in Haugalandet, says Øyvind Bjørnevik, CEO of NorSea Property.

With nearly 60 years as the leading base and logistics company on the Norwegian continental shelf, NorSea has a solid starting point for contributing to the development of new maritime activity in Tysvær municipality. This is happening together with Ecofisk AS, which has already regulated the area for aquaculture and is established in the area.

22 football pitches
 – A lot of exciting things are happening in Haugalandet, and we are looking forward to starting the job together with local partners, Ecofisk and Tysvær municipality. The collaboration means that NorSea has access to around half of the planned area, which is around 150,000 square metres, says Bjørnevik.

In collaboration with Tysvær municipality, necessary adaptations will now be made to the existing business area, and planning of relevant infrastructure measures such as quays.

Good news
– This is good news for Ecofisk and for business development in the region. We look forward to working with NorSea, a Norwegian company with headquarters in Rogaland, which has a significant history of developing maritime business clusters. NorSea also has a strong commitment and many exciting initiatives within aquaculture and for the green transition, says Lars Erik Baustad, Chairman of Ecofisk.

NorSea wants to offer the area to project activity and intermediate storage for players in the aquaculture and offshore industry. Furthermore, the company sees great potential in using the area for logistics services for activity within offshore wind and near-sea storage in particular.

The investment at Espevik is also seen in the context of the industrial development project that NorSea is involved in at Jelsa, Windworks Jelsa.

– We are happy that a major player like NorSea is getting involved in the municipality and look forward to seeing what we can achieve together. We welcome business development to the municipality and that new jobs will be established in Espevik, says Sigmund Lier, Mayor of Tysvær municipality.

Contact NorSea Property: Øyvind Bjørnevik, tel. 95261472
Contact Ecofisk: Lars Erik Baustad, tel. 97199277