“NorSea Fighter” just got ten “Tesla batteries” on board

“NorSea Fighter” is fitter and more environmentally friendly than ever, after having installed a battery pack equivalent to the power of ten Tesla batteries. The result is bunker savings, CO2 reduction and an even more competitive vessel.

-The vessel is more attractive to customers, it meets all industry requirements and will attract the best people on board – as well as providing large savings on fuel, Sigvald Breivik explains.

He is the technical director of Wilhelmsen-owned Topeka – and project owner for NorSea when it comes to the conversion of MV «NorSea Fighter».

In January, NorSea’s PSV was at the quay at Solstrand shipyard in Sunnmøre to have the 622 kwh power package installed:

Optimal power consumption

-The batteries enable the crew to use the power system on board more optimally than before. They can vary between battery usage and the four powerful main engines. Stable energy supply is very important for this type of boat, which is located right next to the oil and gas installations and depends on being able to lie completely still, Gry Wahl explains.

Wahl is the Manager marine services in NorSea Logistics – and the one with us who has the most to do with NorSea Fighter on a daily basis.

Fighter is a so-called medium size PSV with a deck capacity of 850 square meters. There are few PSVs in this category that have the combination of shore power and battery pack, which our boat now has.

Environmentally friendly

-We are certain that this is a good investment. The operators want the most environmentally friendly boats possible. We have great faith in 2022. There is an increase in the number of requests, rates are rising slowly but surely, and we believe that NorSea Fighter will be starting its first missions already next week, Gry Wahl explains.

“NorSea Fighter” is one of the most environmentally friendly PSVs in its class, when the battery pack now complements the shore power system on board. This means that the boat does not have to let the machine work when it is at the quay.

In addition, two energy sources significantly increase the supply of stable energy, which is very important when the boat is in dynamic positioning out at sea.

Saves up to 10 percent

-The battery pack is a big step forward in many areas; emissions to the environment go down, we save fuel and running hours on the engines. It will be longer between each time we have to overhaul the engines, there is less noise from the machine on land, which also provides a better working environment for the maintenance workers, explains Jostein Fjæreide, the captain on board the «NorSea Fighter».

It is estimated that the boat saves between 4 and 10 percent fuel when it has now become a hybrid. The project is supported by Enova.

PS, «NorSea Fighter» was formerly called «Viking Fighter». The boat was built in 2012, is 73.9 meters long and 18 meters wide with a deck area of ​​840 m2. “NorSea Fighter” has, among other things, equipment to handle oil spills, carry out rescue operations and extinguish fires on board.