NorSea takes part in world’s first network of filling stations for green ammonia

A new industrial alliance set out to establish the world’s first network of green floating filling stations for ships. With NorSea as a central team player.

A group of businesses in maritime and related industries today presented plans for the establishment of a new supply network for low-emission fuel to Norwegian domestic shipping. Yara Clean Ammonia has decided to develop a bunker network for ammonia in Scandinavia based on floating bunkering terminals. When these come into operation, ships will be able to fill emission-free green ammonia as fuel.

In relation to this, Yara – together with partners NorSea and Azane Fuel Solutions – is starting a project that will ensure that the world’s first network of filling stations for ammonia is established in Norway.

Contributing to Norway’s hydrogen investment

The alliance will be a significant contribution to Norway’s hydrogen investment, which will ensure that Norway continues to take a leading role in the maritime sector while at the same time supplying emission-free energy solutions. This will in turn contribute to the big, hairy goal – that Norwegian domestic shipping by 2030 will have cut its climate emissions by 50%.

The kick-off commenced by Yara and NCE Maritime CleanTech handing over their so-called “Sea map for Green Ammonia” to Norway’s Minister of Trade and Industry Jan Christian Vestre. At the same time, Yara has signed two new contracts that will ensure the necessary supply chain to the market. First with Azane Fuel Solutions, who will develop the bunker solutions for the ammonia. And then with NorSea, who will be responsible for establishing and operating the filling stations at their bases.

NorSea ensuring the supply

“The location, operation and management of the terminals is essential, and Yara has therefore signed an MOU with NorSea to develop a partnership on this at their supply bases. NorSea was selected as the best partner for Yara Clean Ammonia, given their network of supply bases and long experience in the offshore sector”, says Christian W. Berg, Director Bunkering, Yara Clean Ammonia.

The agreement with NorSea lays the foundation for green ammonia to be available along the entire Norwegian coast, through facilitating the necessary infrastructure to be established at NorSea’s bases.

“This is an important day both for Norway, for Norwegian and international shipping and of course also for NorSea. First and foremost, it is a big step towards the maritime industry being able to succeed in their green transition. We are pleased that we can contribute with our infrastructure, capacity and years of expertise, so that the vessels that will need green fuel in the future can be able to access it”, says Kristian Stapnes, VP Services & Development at NorSea.

“Our bases today represent a significant part of the maritime industry in Norway, with over 10,000 port calls every year. The partnership we now enter into with Yara Clean Ammonia will ensure that our customers can achieve their goals of emission reductions. At the same time, we see this as an opportunity to be able to offer green fuel to new customers as well. We look forward to continuing our collaboration in the time to come”, Stapnes concludes.

Laying the foundation for reducing maritime emissions

The bunker terminals will be either barge-based or land-based. Both terminal designs have storage tanks and processing plants that are suitable for safe storage, handling and transfer of ammonia. The bunker terminal is designed for efficient loading and unloading to and from ships, and with the option of loading and unloading trucks.

Through this agreement, Yara, NorSea and other partners will ensure that green ammonia as a fuel will be available to ships in Scandinavia by 2024.

Kristian Stapnes, VP Services & Development of NorSea