Trygve Sekse (left), Henrik Heggland and Tore Tjentland are three of the key people in Konciv, where NorSea is the largest owner. The company's software, which is an important element in NorSea's logistics platform, has found a completely new business area during the corona pandemic. Photo: Konciv

Now you can book an office in the same way as a cinema ticket

Covid-19 has created a completely new business area for Konciv’s logistics platform. The solution NorSea uses to control the loading, unloading and moving of containers is now also used on people.

“It’s about the same as when you book a cinema ticket. The solution is excellent for the “new normal” that has arisen under the corona – and which apparently is here to stay. Some are in the office, some work from home. How do you get an overview then? You can get it on our app”, explains Henrik Heggland, head of Konciv, where NorSea is the largest owner and Kongsberg Gruppen a large owner and important contributor.

The company was established in 2017. Konciv has 12 employees. Konciv’s logistics platform is used by, among others, NorSea to have control over the loading and unloading of vessels, tracking of containers, warehouse administration – or freight flow in short.

The user sees the object at all times. The solution is an important part of NorSea’s terminal management tool.

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Then back to the home office:

– It’s cool to see that technology we have used so far in oil and gas can be used in a completely different area: Is there room for me in the office tomorrow? Where should I sit? How about lunch, raise and lower desk? In short, you book yourself how you want to have the working day with a few keystrokes on your mobile. And your manager gets an overview of who is where – and can plan accordingly, explains Heggland, who has gained many new, larger customers on the new solution.

Screenshot: KONCIV Office Booking

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Although Office Booking was developed in and for a state of emergency, Heggland believes that it will make the logistics for office operations better even after the pandemic.

– We believe the pandemic has taught companies that a traditional, manual management of work schedule and workplace is not necessarily the most effective. More flexible schemes work well for many, and then a good tool is needed that ensures smooth administration.

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About Konciv:

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