A smaller red and white vessel out on the ocean

NSG wind and MLS have signed a new contract with Nexans Norway AS

Spring 2017, NSG Wind and Maritime Logistics Service (MLS) received a contract for delivery and coordination of four guard vessels to the NordLink interconnector, one of the world's longest power lines between Norway and Germany owned 50/50 by Statnett and TenneT/KfW. The contract was applicable for operations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, but Nexans was pleased with delivered services and have now signed a contract with NSG Wind and MLS for two additional years.

The new contract includes three campaigns in 2018 and two in 2019. During each campaign, a new cable will be installed to complete the NordLink interconnector. The first campaign is on the NCS and starts in Q2 2018. The cable to be installed is parallel to the one that was installed in 2017 from Vollesfjord and towards the border at sea between Norway and Denmark.

Must coordinate eight guard vessels at the same time 
NSG Wind is the contract partner with Nexans Norway, while MLS is responsible for vessel intake (chartering of the guard vessels) as well as marine coordination towards the Nexans Project Group and Statoil Operation Center in the project phase. “We have daily morning meetings with the Nexans Project Group and Statoil Operation Center (which monitors the cable route via AIS surveillance). Relevant information from the morning meetings is then conveyed to the guard vessels. In addition, we coordinate the crew change on the vessels as well as bunkering of fuel, proviants and arrange for relief vessels, if required” says marine coordinator Tom Nilsen from MLS.

The guard vessels’ main mission is to protect the subsea cable by preventing fishing boats, mainly trawlers, crossing the unprotected cable before it has been trenched into the seabed or protected by rock berms. Initially, there are four guard vessels that will protect each unprotected cable at the same time, but at the most, up to eight guard vessels are coordinated at the same time.

Happy for renewed trust 
“We are very pleased to have renewed confidence from Nexans, at the same time, it is good to see things start moving in the market after a long period of low activity,” says Tom Nilsen. The contract also shows that the model of offering integrated services to the market through NSG Wind works according to plan. This creates assignments for NorSea Group, says Morten Magnussen in NSG Wind.