Cooperation agreement with Dolphin Drilling marks a milestone for NorSea

Warehouse management, transport, customs are among the elements that NorSea has been given responsibility for delivering a total solution. The agreement also includes the management of the logistics to the Borgland Dolphin rig, when moved to GreenYard in the Fedafjorden for reactivation later this summer.

“The 4PL collaboration agreement with Dolphin Drilling marked in many ways a milestone for us as a company and the changes we experience in the market. For the first time, we have a customer who has challenged us and given us the total logistics responsibility associated with their operations, so that they can focus on their core business,” says Lars Haug, COO in NorSea.

Logistics has traditionally been handled in the same way in the oil and gas industry, a silo mentality that has not been challenged. Not by the customers and not by the suppliers themselves.

“As a supplier of a total logistics package, designed to function globally end-to-end, we are dependent on a number of partners in several disciplines and disciplines, Haug continues. “We are thankful for the trust shown us by Dolphin Drilling, and when several industry players take the same step, the effects increases. Sharing of logistics input factors not only has an impact on costs, but more importantly, an important contribution to minimizing negative environmental impact. Our ambition is to take a leading role in making logistics more sustainable, which in the long run is the biggest challenge we face,” Haug concludes.

Focus on forward-looking technology
A key to creating the necessary trust is sharing data, and with a focus on digitizing and sharing data in several areas, NorSea is ready to offer the market a total logistics solution.

“We have reviewed a number of factors over time to analyze the conceptual approach that suits us as a company, while we have looked at other industries that lie ahead of us so that we can benefit from their experiences. We have had a thorough process before deciding on a correct strategic approach for Dolphin Drilling and finding the most optimal supplier to take this total responsibility. Operational logistics is not “one fits all”, and it has been an important factor for us that through the network-oriented approach we have had the opportunity to take with us some of the most important elements from what has worked well for us over time, among other highly valued suppliers that strengthen the concept as a whole. As a result of this process, we have concluded that NorSea has the best composition to solve our total needs, and we are convinced that this will give us a significant increase in efficiency over time. This is due not least to their focus on future technology and thus the ability to collect and use data to make our entire value chain more efficient and transparent,” says Morten Vaage, VP Supply Chain in Dolphin Drilling.

A miniature model of the rig Borgland Dolphin.
From left: Morten Vaage, VP Supply Chain in Dolphin Drilling and NorSea’s
Project Manager Logistics Controll Tower, Johan Kjos-Hanssen.

Development through trust and effective interaction
“We want to take a position as the obviously preferred supplier of total logistics solutions. With this, we are also dependent on working closely and well with the best players within their respective fields. Based on trust and effective interaction, we will jointly contribute to a continued strong development and sustained competitiveness for the Norwegian shelf,” Thomas Vang, SVP Operations & Improvements in NorSea rounds off.

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Thomas Vang, SVP Operations & Improvements, NorSea
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