The busiest month ever in Dusavik

Every single day in June, the Dusavik team transported cargo equivalent to 764 Tesla Model 3s to and from the North Sea. In the past year, activity has been at a record high.

“30,000 tonnes across our docks was an almost unattainable dream a few years ago. Now that’s the new normal. In June, we set a new record with more than 38,977 tonnes. The busiest month ever,” says Kevin Brendesæter-Janz, base manager for NorSea at the offshore base located on the municipal border between Stavanger and Randaberg. 

The activity level is high in the North Sea. Equinor, the largest operator on the Norwegian continental shelf and NorSea’s largest customer, currently has five drilling operations underway out of Dusavik. Vår Energi has two, and OMV has just finished its 100-day drilling campaign. 

Established in 1965 
This means many, many containers with equipment in and out of the base in Dusavik every single day, and kilometers of pipes the same way. Or the weight equivalent to 764 Tesla Model 3s every single day. 

NorSea’s base operations were established in 1965, four years before the first oil discovery in the North Sea. In other words, NorSea was one of the pioneers in the service industry, Norway’s largest industry. 

58 years later, new records are set. And the Dusavik base, where around 40 players mainly within the oil and gas industry are located, is being expanded.

The base is expanding 
“We need more space. That is why we are incredibly happy that we were able to buy Tangen 7, which gives us plenty of extra outdoor areas and extra berth space. We are also expanding our areas as far south as Dusavik. It is also nice that a player such as the industrial group BR Industrier is moving here. Dusavik is an attractive, future-oriented place to be,” says Brendesæter-Janz. 

NorSea has more than 150 employees in Dusavik. This summer, 30 temporary workers have been part of the team. The base manager is proud of that. 

“We have a fantastic group of employees with us. The summer substitutes are no exception. They are very important to us in the coming weeks. June, July and August are our busiest months. Then it is absolutely essential to have skilled temporary workers who can do a safe, efficient and sustainable job for our customers. We also greatly appreciate that almost all of the summer substitutes are with us for more than one summer,” says Brendesæter-Janz, who has been manager at the base in Dusavik since December 2022.