Employees at Westport in Risavika. Photo. Erik Bærheim.

Westport establishes new terminal services solution in the Port of Bergen

The company, Westport Bergen AS, will provide terminal services for the maritime industry in the Bergen region. The initiative is based on the “Smart Terminal” concept developed by Westport.

Since its establishment in 2009, Westport has developed an innovative terminal solution for sea transport at the Port of Risavika near Stavanger. The ambition of the company is to modernise and streamline terminal services, by focusing on developing the skills of employees, having good interaction with customers and taking the lead in relation to innovation and the use of smart technology. Based on the positive experiences from Risavika, the company now wants to provide the same services to the maritime industry in the Bergen region, and have therefore established Westport Bergen AS.

In parallel with the start of Westport Bergen, the company has acquired Nor Lines and their existing terminal operations at Dokken in the Port of Bergen. The takeover means that employees, equipment and relevant contracts will become part of Westport Bergen, while new agreements have been established regarding Nor Lines’ operations in the port.  It is the further ambition of the company, that based on existing business, it will provide terminal services to other operators through a multiuser solution that is based on the “smart port” concept Westport has developed.

“We look forward to having new colleagues “onboard” in Bergen and believe that their expertise, in combination with our experience and operating concepts, can offer a new, attractive and smart terminal concept to those operating from the Port of Bergen. We will establish the preferred port terminal solution for the West Coast of Norway, with a focus on smart, cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, safe and predictable logistics solutions. We hope that the establishment of Westport Bergen will be an important contribution to increasing the proportion of goods that are transported by sea as well as increasing the attractiveness of Western Norway as a destination for seaborne cargo”, says CEO of Westport AS.

“At present, studies show that the main logistical hub in the eastern part of southern Norway is Gothenburg, which is also the most important port This constitutes a significant competitive disadvantage for businesses in Western Norway. Westport has an ambition to be instrumental in cargo being transported by sea directly into and from Western Norway, and to thereby contribute to the industrial competitiveness of the region. This will also be an important contribution to the shifting of cargo from the road to the sea, while helping to correct the directional imbalance between east and west. We are also really looking forward to getting started in Bergen, where through our employees, customers and partners, we will create the smartest port terminal solution in the country”, concludes Ommundsen.

The company is operational from 1 January 2019.

For further information, please contact:
Kurt Ommundsen, CEO, Westport AS

Mobile: + 47 911 67 736 E-mail: kurt.ommundsen@westport.no

Westport AS is headquartered in Risavika, Sola Municipality. The company employs approximately 35 FTE and has an estimated turnover of approximately NOK 65 million. Westport is owned by the NorSea group (66.6%), and Risavika Havn AS (33.3%)