Our core business is in oil and gas, but NorSea is also solidly positioned in offshore wind, hydrogen and decarbonisation, and ocean space – as well as a number of other possible business areas.

Diversification for a greener future

– There is an enormous amount of exciting happening in renewable energy – and the pace of change will only increase. Through the NorSea Impact business division, we focus and strengthen our focus on the green shift – and the transformation of NorSea towards becoming a more diversified industrial group both in and outside Norway.

Says John E. Stangeland – CEO of NorSea and head of NorSea Impact.

Offshore Wind

Investigates giant project at Jelsa

In December 2020, we invited partners, authorities and the press to Norsk Stein's gigantic quarry at Jelsa. The possibilities of transforming parts of the area into dry docks to produce concrete foundations for floating offshore wind are now being investigated. Through the newly established company WindWorks Jelsa, which we own together with Suldal Municipality and Ryfylke IKS, we are now initially conducting a feasibility study.

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Wind Logistics & Engineering

NorSea's experience from 55 years in the oil and gas industry can be used for so much more than just oil and gas. In 2019, NorSea and Abnormal Load Services established the company Elevon, which provides project consulting, logistics management and solutions, as well as technical services to the wind power industry. NorSea owns 50 percent of Elevon.

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Maintenance & Engineering

NorSea Wind is another of our offshore wind legs; a "single-purpose" company that runs a contract we have in Germany. There we maintain TenneT's off- and onshore installations on the German shelf. The project is run by our company in Hamburg, in collaboration with our engineers in NSG Maritime and Wilhelmsen Ship Management, who are co-owners of the company.

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Future offshore wind producer

NorSea has together with the Belgian offshore wind company Parkwind established the company Ventyr Energy, with the intention of becoming an operator of offshore wind farms on the Norwegian shelf. With Ventyr Energy, we benefit from NorSea's 55 years of experience in the Norwegian offshore industry, as well as our valuable insight from other wind projects in both the NorSea group and Parkwind's extensive portfolio.

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Hydrogen & Decarbonization

World leader in green ammonia

NorSea is a partner in a newly established industrial collaboration, which will establish the world's first network of green floating filling stations for ships.

Together with Yara Clean Ammonia and Azane Fuel Solutions, the foundation is now being laid for green ammonia to become available along the entire Norwegian coast, through the establishment of the necessary infrastructure at NorSea's bases. With the goal that green ammonia as fuel will be available for ships in Scandinavia by the end of 2024.

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Involved in carbon capture and storage

NorSea (Industrial Holding) owns 50 percent of CCB Energy, which is working on developing new, sustainable industry at Energiparken in Ƙygarden. The Northern Lights project is also being established at this location.

"Northern Lights opens up great opportunities in carbon capture and storage, as well as business areas involving various hydrogen carriers where natural gas and carbon deposition are utilized. The industry will have significant land and infrastructure needs. This is what we aim to offer through CCB Energy," says CEO John Stangeland in a comment.

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NOK 77 million in Enova support

Through our ownership in CCB Energy, NorSea is also involved in a pilot project in collaboration with ZEG Power at Energiparken.

The project has received Enova support to develop a new technology for the deformation of natural gas and production of hydrogen with integrated CO2 capture. The pilot plant was installed in 2023 and has a production capacity of up to 1 ton of hydrogen per day.

Ocean Space

An aerial photograph of Polarbase's facilities

The ocean space base: tomorrow's maritime industrial park

NorSea's bases consist of 2.5 million acres of property, most of which is currently used for oil and gas activity. In the future, there will be less need for this purpose, at the same time as aquaculture is a very important industry that will only become even more important – both for Norway in general, Northern Norway in particular and for us at NorSea.

With Polarbase at the forefront, NorSea is now working on a number of different projects and partners to ensure the future use of the bases along the coast. Key words are land-based fish farming, processing and distribution of seaweed, and a "one-stop-shop" for aquaculture and the maritime industry. Welcome to the industrial park of the future!

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Extraction of marine minerals

We are preparing for a potentially new chapter in marine history with marine minerals. Together with Wilhelmsen, we have acquired a share in the innovative Norwegian subsea mining company Loke Marine Minerals.

Marine minerals have been identified by the World Bank, the World Economic Forum and the International Energy Agency as one of the potential solutions to meet the growing demand for the metals currently used in electric vehicle batteries, clean energy technologies and consumer electronics.

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