As an international logistic provider, and a company with an ambition to simplify the supply chain, we are obliged to take responsibility.

Encouraged by the Potential

We are encouraged by the potential we have to reduce the
industry’s environmental footprint, promote responsible practice and ensure the industry develops
sustainable solutions. We support the United Nations’ 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs), and we work to align core activities towards these goals as part of our sustainability strategy.

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Our Employees

We recognize that retaining and attracting talent is key to ensure future growth and essential for delivering on our long-term strategic ambitions. In our daily operations, we continuously work to provide an engaging and safe work environment where equal opportunities are available for all.

Health & Safety

We believe that an engaging and safe working environment is a prerequisite to an efficient, sustainable and profitable business. We conduct our business with respect for human rights and labour standards, including conventions and guidelines related to the prevention of child or forced labour, minimum wage and salary, working conditions and freedom of association.


As an international company and infrastructure provider we have an opportunity to continuously work towards reducing our environmental footprint and set a healthy standard in the industry we operate.


At NorSea, we recognize the significant opportunities available through digitalization and innovation to address operational challenges in a sustainable way.

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Engagement in Local Communities

On and around our bases, a multitude of service companies are established, making the bases into industrial clusters for local value creation. We recognize the impact and importance these clusters are to local communities. NorSea has a continuous history of supporting local organizations and initiatives in the areas we are located.