Waste Management

Maritime Waste Management (MWM) was established in 2004 and is a Norwegian waste producer and competence company that offers waste and cleaning related services. We are a technical organisation with engineers and other leading personnel.

A man wearing red helmet and green jacket is taking notes next to barrels of waste

Total Waste Management

We provide services from single assignments to Total Waste Management at all bases and at many locations along the coast. Through our owners, NorSea and Coast Center Base, we have a solid ownership structure with positive interaction effects. This gives our customers a unique customer benefit.

Regardless of Location

Regardless of location, waste will be collected, recycled and treated in accordance to current legislation. We ensure that waste is disposed of safely and in compliance with local, state and federal standards.

Longstanding Experience

We have longstanding experience and expertise in waste management, equipment collection and tankcleaning for the offshore industry. MWM offer expertise within this field both offshore and onshore.

Our Head Office

Our head office is in Kristiansund at NorSea Vestbase. We hold a long record within the waste management area, and we also think ahead. We have been involved in the process of introducing waste segregation in the Oil & Gas industry and have been one of the first waste companies to implement Total Waste Management in the North Sea basin.

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