An aerial photograph of a harbor in Canada. There are two oil platforms and multiple ships docked

Canadian supply base company

The new company, Canadian Supply Base Company, is gathering resources, opportunities and cluster participants to explore the development of a proposed multi-user, ‘one-stop shop’ port cluster at Bull Arm, Newfoundland. This ‘Life of Field Service…

NorSea Group, a global leader in offshore supply base development and operations, and Integrated Logistics, a Newfoundland based company specializing in logistics and terminal operations, announced the establishment of Canadian Supply Base Company (CSBC) in November 2017. CSBC benefits from NorSea Group’s expertise in developing integrated supply and service centres to support the offshore oil and gas sector, and Integrated Logistics’ expertise in managing marine projects in the Canadian business environment.

John Stangeland, CEO of NorSea Group, commented: “Our interest is in developing sites, assets and businesses that become the centre of communities and industry. The establishment of this company represents a long-term commitment to the region and the market. We are proud to partner with Integrated Logistics and contribute to the continued development of necessary infrastructure and facilities to support the Canadian offshore oil and gas industry.”

Bruce Dyke, President of Integrated Logistics, commented: “The establishment of Canadian Supply Base Company is a positive step towards developing the life of field support the industry needs for continued development and growth in the offshore oil and gas sector. The company is focused on leading port development strategies and concepts that will offer local companies opportunities to be more competitive, collaborative and efficient.”

CSBC offers project solutions to support the offshore oil and gas sector using Integrated Logistics’ resources at the Port of Argentia, Goosebay and associative ports within Integrated Logistics’ Atlantic Canada network.

Their present focus is to gather resources, opportunities and cluster participants to explore a proposed development of a ‘Life of Field Service Centre’ at Bull Arm. CSBC has proposed a multi-user, ‘one-stop shop’ port cluster at Bull Arm that would incorporate supply base services (quayside operations, warehousing, laydown areas, bulks and marine gas oil facilities) with subsea services and fabrication, and an industrial estate for supply and service companies. This type of offshore oil and gas port cluster would create a sustainable, long-term business environment on site, employment and opportunities for local business, and an increase in the region’s attractiveness to offshore oil and gas investments.

The type of port cluster proposed for Bull Arm would be similar to those operated by NorSea Group in Norway and those supporting offshore areas like the Gulf of Mexico. In its mature state, these clusters can host over 50 companies permanently employing more than 2,500 people, in addition to project teams associated with large-scale fabrication projects. These multi-user, ‘one-stop shop’ type developments are familiar to oil and gas operators, and offer benefits and efficiencies that make supply areas more attractive.

Denis Dupuis, the Chair of CSBC commented, “CSBC will play a key role in the development and growth of a strong, local oil and gas industry. We’ll provide the platform to support a community of co-located companies that together increase the capacity and capability of the region. We’re proud of the support and interest our port cluster concept has received from local, regional and international companies. We’re looking forward to hearing from others as we continue our journey.”

The Provincial Government recently released ‘Advance 2030 – A Plan for Growth in the Newfoundland and Labrador Oil and Gas Industry’. CSBC believes the proposed ‘Life of Field Service Centre’ concept could be a key driver in achieving supply chain objectives established in Advance 2030 related to infrastructure, capabilities, capacity and innovation. CSBC is presently in a competitive proposal process administrated by Nalcor. A process that began in March 2017 with an expression of interest.

For further information and business opportunities, please contact:
Ian LaPointe
Vice President, Business Development
Canadian Supply Base Company

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Andrew Short
Vice President, Operations
Canadian Supply Base Company