Et portrett av representative fra Kongsberg Digital og NSG Digital.

Gaining competitive edge for the offshore industry through digitalisation: Kongsberg Digital acquires a share of NSG Digital.

Kongsberg Digital is purchasing a 34 per cent ownership share in NSG Digital, a subsidiary of NorSea Group. NorSea Group, controlled by Wilhelmsen, is joining forces with Kongsberg Digital to digitalise the supply chain in the oil and gas and offshore wind industries.

“We are very excited by the investment in software development made by NorSea Group and its subsidiary NSG Digital. The news that is presented today is one of several collaborative projects in our group, and digitalisation is shaping our future within the maritime industry», says Chief Digital Officer of Wilhelmsen, Inge André Sandvik. 

“NorSea Group`s existing services and infrastructure already make us a major player within offshore logistics. With our position it is vital that we take an active role in offering digital solutions that will lead to a more efficient supply chain. This is done through NSG Digital, and in collaboration with Kongsberg Digital, our customers and our suppliers «, says Chief Commercial Officer in NorSea Group, Ola Thuen Neergaard.

“Digitalisation holds a great potential for optimising logistics operation within the oil and gas industry. By connecting and making better use of the vast amounts of data companies possess, significant efficiency improvements can be made. Through our digital competence and digital platform, Kognifai, in combination with the logistics expertise and experience of NSG Digital and NorSea Group we can realize the potential for greater efficiency», says Hege Skryseth, President of Kongsberg Digital.

“Our goal is to ensure an open and robust solution for logistics management for the entire supply chain. We have identified strong synergies between Kongsberg Digital and NSG Digital from the outset of our collaboration, and both companies are now increasing their efforts in developing new and effective digital solutions. The fact that Kongsberg Digital is purchasing a share of NSG Digital is a natural next step in our joint commitment”, says Managing Director of NSG Digital, Henrik Heggland.