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NorSea Wind is a provider of integrated services to the offshore wind industry – our service lines include O&M (operations & maintenance) activities for both Wind Turbines and HVDC platform, in addition to marine support.

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Integrated Service Packages

We provide integrated service packages ranging from technicians, tools, equipment and spares to marine vessels. We cooperate with our large group of affiliated companies, which cover a wide range of professions alongside their unique experience. This enables us to deliver integrated solutions that simplify the work process for our customers, reduce the costs and minimise the risk of errors.

We are part of the conglomerate that for more than 150 years have provided marine service, and for the last 40 years have handled service and logistics for the offshore industry.

Wind Turbine Generator

In recent years, we have been involved in 1/3 of all installed windfarms and have specialised in a major component change program, as well as services. Our Clients include both utility providers and OEM’s (original equipment manufacturer). In addition, we have more than 30 years of experience of subsea operations: ROV (remotely operated vehicle) operations, seabed mapping and surveys, diving operations and IMR (inspections, maintenance and repair) subsea operations.

HVDC Platform Services

We have experience in operating and maintaining more than 100 ships in the global shipping market, which have ensured an efficient and competitive approach to maintenance of HVDC platforms (high voltage direct current). The supply of bespoke offshore maintenance crews and project management for larger modification projects is our specialty.

Marine Services

In recent years, we have entered more than 50 vessel contracts, providing services such as: In-house vessel resources, marine engineering, certified warranty surveyors and third-party verification. Furthermore, we supply marine coordination and client rep. services. We have provided a wide range of port services, including project management, stevedoring, marine services and agency work.


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