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NorSea is an innovative and customer focused supply chain manager.

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NorSea UK
Smith Quay, Peterhead Harbour, Peterhead AB42 1DX
+44 01224 451000
Total base area80,000 m2
Outdoor storage78,000 m2
Warehouses4,000 m
Offices2,000 m2
Quay lengths250 m
NorSea Denmark
Kanalen 1 DK-6700, Esbjerg
+45 79 11 19 00
Total base area200,000 m2
Outdoor storage160,000 m2
Warehouses30,000 m
Workshops5,000 m2
Offices5,000 m2
Quay lengths800 m
NorSea Stavanger
Notberget 25, 4029 Stavanger
Risavika Havnering, Bygg 45, 4056 Tananger
+47 51 85 30 00
Total base area700,000 m2
Outdoor storage215,000 m2
Warehouses57,000 m
Workshops25,000 m2
Offices77,000 m2
Quay lengths1,100 m
NorSea Stordbase
Eldøyane Næringspark bygg 125, 5411 Stord
+47 53 41 99 99
Total base area100,000 m2
Outdoor storage95,000 m2
Warehouses4,000 m
Workshops800 m2
Offices400 m2
Quay lengths120 m
Stangnesterminalen 6, 9409 Harstad
+47 77 07 96 00
Total base area50,000 m2
Outdoor storage20,000 m2
Warehouses5,100 m
Workshops3,000 m2
Offices2,100 m2
Quay lengths360 m
NorSea Vestbase
Omagata 110C, 6517 Kristiansund
+47 71 57 22 00
Total base area821,000 m2
Outdoor storage530,000 m2
Warehouses55,000 m
Workshops25,000 m2
Offices22,000 m2
NorSea Polarbase
Havneveien 50, 9610 Rypefjord
+47 784 21 700
Total base area500,000 m2
Outdoor storage350,000 m2
Warehouses40,000 m
Workshops1,700 m2
Offices3,000 m2
Quay lengths500 m

Total base area

2,451,000 m2

Outdooor storage

1,448,000 m2


195,100 m2


60,500 m2


111,500 m2



Quay lengths

3,130 m

NorSea Digital

Creating the digital supply chain through increasing information sharing and collaboration

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Canadian Supply Base Company

The new company, Canadian Supply Base Company, is gathering resources, opportunities and cluster participants to explore the development of a proposed multi-user, ‘one-stop shop’ port cluster at Bull Arm, Newfoundland.

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